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What is Team Building

Literally the term Team Building means group building,and for companies it is a really important aspect because it helps people work together in the right way, creating a strong team spirit that is instrumental in achieving satisfactory business results.

Why to do Team Building?

Strengthening satisfaction with one's job role.

Improved professional performance.

Sharing the company mission and vision.

Promoting collaboration among members of an organization.

Discover our activities


Carton Boat

Build the best cardboard boat as a group to challenge other teams in an unforgettable regatta.

Base Camp

Team building in close contact with nature in a fun and adventurous setting.

Carton Race

Each team will have to make a car out of real cardboard and complete a relay course.

Conquer the city

A unique and exciting way to visit and learn about the beauty of a city in total safety. Passing fun photographic, artistic and small physical tests.

Food HunterS

A food and wine hunt, discovering tastes and flavors, trying to lead one's team to victory by accumulating points by passing the tests provided during the game.

Lego Building

Creative and communication work in which the potential of the Team and individuals is explored.

Secret Box

An Escape Room, enclosed in a suitcase, with two types of possible missions: Save The Planet and Defuse The Bomb.

Wine Game

An activity in which they will have to create in the true sense of the word the best wine and their own label!

Bar Challenge

If you share a passion for the world of bartending and the art of cocktails, Bar Challenge is the perfect activity.

Social Cooking

A timed Team Cooking activity, where different teams must challenge each other to create recipes, having certain ingredients on hand.

Corporate Incentive travel

I Corporate incentive travel are not just reward trips that the company offers to employees, partners and/or collaborators but are a true personalized experience aimed at achieving specific business goals.

The person feels like the protagonist of an individual choice and perceives the company as offering value and not just money.

The value is perceived both in the immediate but also in the future with the memory of the trip.

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